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“Phil Warburg has invented a new literary genre: the clean energy travelogue. His trips to the places and characters behind the solar energy boom are brilliantly entertaining and informative. He has written the definitive guide to America’s solar transformation.”

—U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman (ret.)
Former Chair, House Energy and Commerce Committee

Harness the Sun is an indispensable guide to the solar revolution. It describes the businesses that will profit from it, the interests that will be disrupted by it, and the policies that could accelerate it. If you think solar energy is just a futuristic option, read this book today.”

—Denis Hayes
National Coordinator of the first Earth Day,
Former Director of the Solar Energy Research Institute

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Recent Writings

A Solar Future for Low-Income People – New York Times

In his just-released climate plan, Joe Biden has committed to zeroing out carbon emissions from U.S. power plants by 2035. He also vows to direct 40 percent of all clean energy and infrastructure benefits toward disadvantaged communities. In this letter, I call upon the candidate to serve both goals by bringing solar power within easy reach of low-income households.

Grappling with the Challenge of Flying Less – Beacon Broadside

Left unabated, commercial aviation by mid-century may produce up to a quarter of the carbon emissions our planet can tolerate if we are to avert the more devastating impacts of climate change. Pulling back on air travel's throttle will take conscious & conscientious recalibration. Here I share some contrasting insights on the challenges of flying less.

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People and Places from Harness the Sun

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Harness the Sun: America’s Quest for a Solar-Powered Future

Now available in paperback!

Check out the Updates page for changes since the 2015 hardcover edition.

From inner-city neighborhoods and industrial wastelands to the open desert, Harness the Sun traces solar energy’s remarkable ascent and introduces readers to a surprising collection of pioneers who are transforming the way we power the American economy.

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Harvest the Wind: America’s Journey to Jobs, Energy Independence, and Climate Stability

Harvest the Wind is a story of hope with its pulse deep in the American heartland. Wind power has brought new jobs, new income, and a restored sense of pride to hundreds of communities across the country. With eyes wide-open, Warburg charts a course that can lead our nation to a saner and more sustainable energy future.

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