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Phil is an engaging speaker and a lively narrator of America's transition to a clean energy future. He has spoken at high-profile events such as Chicago Ideas Week, Talks at Google, and Town Hall Seattle, has done numerous media interviews, and is a frequent guest lecturer at colleges and universities. His speaking topics include:

  • Harness the Sun: America’s Quest for a Solar-Powered Future
  • Harvest the Wind: America’s Journey to Jobs, Energy Independence and Climate Stability
  • Solar Means Business: Renewable Energy Meets Corporate America
  • What Colleges and Universities Can Do to ‘Green Up’ Their Campuses

Details on these topics, as well as Phil's bio and a summary of his books, are available in his Speaker Profile. [PDF] You can also visit the press kit page for summary information, downloadable images and more.

If you are interested in inviting Phil to speak at an upcoming event, please contact the author at info@philipwarburg.com, or by phone at 617-965-0981.

Check back soon for upcoming events.

Recent Appearances

Boston University Questrom School of Business: "Renewable Electricity in the Trump Era - The Role of Federal, State & Local Policies"

This talk was hosted by BU's Institute for Sustainable Energy, where I am a Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow.  In addition to looking at some lesser as well as better-known federal policies affecting renewable energy development, I briefly highlighted state renewable energy policies as bulwarks against possible federal policy setbacks and described a few regulatory and planning measures that have catalyzed solar photovoltaics at the local level. In the ensuing discussion, BU faculty and graduate students offered valuable commentary on the impact of renewables on baseload power generation.

Tel Aviv University - Porter School of Environmental Studies: "From Rooftops to Brownfields: Solar Power's Growing U.S. Role as an Urban Energy Resource"

I gave this talk as part of the opening session of Dr. Orli Ronen's seminar on urban sustainability, held in the university's Porter School of Environmental Studies.  My thanks to Orli for this opportunity to address her students and others engaged in local policymaking and planning.

Tel Aviv University - Porter School of Environmental Studies: "Wind & Sun: America's Quest for a Renewable Energy Future"

This public lecture, looking at America's most rapidly ascending clean power resources, was hosted by Tel Aviv University's Porter School of Environmental Studies. I'm grateful to Dr. Arie Nesher, the school's professional director and a colleague from my days working on environmental issues in Israel, for inviting me.

Tel Aviv - Israel Union for Environmental Defense: "Solar in the City: From Rooftops to Brownfields"

At this special evening event for Israeli supporters, I was delighted to reconnect with friends and colleagues from my long-ago days as executive director of Adam Teva v'Din - the Israel Union for Environmental Defense.  Founded in 1991, this vigorous team of lawyers, scientists and planners is the leading independent watchdog group addressing priority environmental concerns in Israel. In a dialogue moderated by the group's leader Amit Bracha, energy attorney Leehee Goldenberg and I explored policy avenues in Israel and the US that are opening up new opportunities for solar energy.  Given Israel's high rate of urbanization, we focused much of our attention on solar prospects within the built environment.

HEAL Utah podcast: "Harness the Sun"

In this Podcast interview with Matt Pacenza, executive director of the environmental non-profit HEAL Utah, I discuss solar power's potential, the ongoing need for tax credits to level a playing field long biased toward fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and the benefits of developing rooftop as well as utility-scale PV projects.

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