Blog Archive — May 2016

Climate Denial Lives on at Exxon

On the eve of Exxon Mobil's annual meeting in Dallas next Wednesday, it's worth taking a close look at a number of sensible shareholder resolutions addressing climate change that the oil giant consistently advises its shareholders to vote down. In a Boston Globe op-ed, I provide an overview of these resolutions and the company's arguments against them. I also report on my own belated divestment of Exxon and other fossil fuel stock.

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More Cars Than Ever, But What About Transit?

With 560,000 vehicles per day passing through its tunnels, Boston's Big Dig has boosted private car travel precisely when we should be broadening our reliance on low-carbon mobility. Major new investments in public transit were a precondition for proceeding with the Big Dig, yet one state administration after another has allowed most of these projects to languish. Yesterday's decision to revive the long-delayed Green Line extension to Somerville and surrounding communities is a necessary step toward getting Boston's transit commitments back on track. I welcomed this move today, in a Boston Globe Letter to the Editor.

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