Blog Archive — November 2015

Favorable review in CleanTechnica

I've never been called a "wind harvester" before. That's what Sandy Dechert dubs me in her very favorable review of Harness the Sun, appearing yesterday in CleanTechnica. I appreciate the moniker, though I was an admiring observer, not an actual harvester of wind in my first renewable energy book.  The sun, on the other hand, is a resource we've tapped on our home just outside Boston - the starting point in the solar journey that I trace in Harness the Sun. Dechert deftly encapsulates that journey.

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Where Solar Does & Doesn't Fit - Differing Views

This Tuesday, the New York Times ran a trio of articles on "The Costs of Solar to the Environment."  My contribution, focusing on utility-scale solar projects in open spaces, was called "Don't Ignore a Solar Cornucopia."

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