Blog Archive — August 2013

Iowa Lawmaker Combines Errands

Iowa State Senator Rob Hogg decided to combine errands.  Along with dropping his son off at Harvard, he felt the timing was right for delivering an important message to New England - about climate change.

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Harvest the Wind featured in Mother Earth News

Harvest the Wind got prominent play in this month's on-line edition of Mother Earth News.  Take a look at the review, which includes an excerpt from chapter 9, "Greening the Grid."

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One-Sided Look at Massachusetts Wind

In the Boston Globe this past Sunday, an article titled "Environmental Divide" focused on Bay State wind projects that have generated local opposition.  It failed to mention those that coexist peacefully with their neighbors.  Why?

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The Place Where I Live

.... or swim, walk, and reflect.

Orion Magazine, one of my favorite publications, runs a column called "The Place Where You Live," inviting readers to describe spots that are near and dear to them.  I chose to write about Walden Pond, the closest I have to a spiritual touchstone. 

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