Blog Archive — July 2012

Mainstreaming Wind Power in the Lone Star State

If Texas were a nation, it would rank sixth in the world as a wind power producer.  In an interview on Texas Public Radio, I recently had a chance to bring Harvest the Wind to Lone Star State listeners.  You can hear this interview with Dan Skinner, host of TPR's "Living Green."

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China's Environmental Movement Comes to Life

Citizen activists in several Chinese towns and cities have recently taken to the streets to protest polluting industries.  This represents a dramatic break from the decades of government-enforced silence that have allowed heavy industries to contaminate the country's air, water, and soil with relative impunity.  Amidst this rising tide of citizen engagement, it remains unclear whether concerns about the siting of new wind farms - a non-issue to date despite their rapid development - will become a focus of greater Chinese public scrutiny. 

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