Breaking the radio silence on population growth

For all their ideological differences, progressives and conservatives share an aversion to dealing with global population growth. Yet the world's numbers are likely to reach 10.9 billion by 2100 - up from 7.7 billion today. How can this not strain on the earth's already overtaxed resources? 

Finding constructive ways to engage this issue isn't easy, but the Vermont-based Population Media Center has made its mark through radio serial dramas that have aired in dozens of nations experiencing rapid population growth. Working with in-country scriptwriters and performers, the PMC doesn't tell people what they should and shouldn't do.  Instead, their creative teams use storytelling to grapple with prevailing norms about family planning, sexual and maternal health, and reproductive choice.

Rwanda is already one of the world's most crowded nations. By 2050, its numbers are expected to double. By 2100, they may come close to tripling. In a just-published Beacon Broadside article, I describe the PMC's work in this rapidly changing nation.