Carrying Coals to Newcastle?

It's a little like carrying coals to Newcastle, but I'm very happy to be speaking about solar at UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 4pm, in the Corwin Pavilion. California is leading the country in its deployment of solar technology, with the sun generating 6.7% of the utility-scale power managed by to the state's Independent System Operator (CAISO) during 2015. (CAISO runs about 80% of the California grid.) And that doesn't even count the "distributed" solar electricity produced by hundreds of thousands of California households and businesses.

California is showing stunning leadership with its 50%-by-2030 renewable electricity mandate and other policies that have made the state the nation's largest solar power producer. UC Santa Barbara is keeping pace, crafting and implementing its own sector-by-sector Climate Action Plan. I look forward to learning more about what's happening on the ground, and on rooftops, at UCSB while I'm there.