Upcoming events in Seattle

Tomorrow I'll be heading for lots of solar-focused talk in Seattle.  On Sunday, Sept. 27 at 4pm, I'll be opening the season of science-focused speakers at Vashon Allied Arts with some thoughts about "Our Solar Future."  Then, midday on Tuesday, I'll be heading out to the Google campus in Kirkland to highlight some key dimensions of solar energy development as part of the Talks at Google series.  On Wednesday morning, I'll be on Hubbard Radio talking about solar, and at 7:30pm, I'll be sharing the stage with one of my long-time environmental heroes, Denis Hayes, in conversation about "Realizing the Dream of a Solar-Powered Future."  The following morning, before flying back to Boston, KEXP's "Mind over Matters" will record an interview for airing the following weekend.  Whoever said solar isn't for Seattle is wrong!