State of the Union Wish List

On the eve of President Obama's State of the Union address, my publisher Beacon Press asked various of its authors to weigh in on what they hope the President will say in his speech to Congress tonight, and to highlight what they hope he will accomplish in the wake of those remarks.

Amy Alexander called on the President to raise taxes on the wealthy and make infrastructure funding a priority.  Aviva Chomsky wants him to reverse his detain-and-deport policy on illegal immigrants.  I urged that he crack down on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants and keep the climate change issue on the national agenda.  Eric Schwarz hopes the President will invest in education programs that can help close America's class-based opportunity and achievement gaps.  Carol Corbett Burris wants the President to admit that Race to the Top has been a failure, and hopes the President will focus on the root causes of our achievement gaps: poverty, segregation, and under-funded urban schools.  James Russell says that Social Security benefits need to be expanded, not cut back.

In a few minutes we'll see how many of us will be heartened and how many disappointed by the President's 2014 agenda.

Here's a link to the State of the Union Wish List.