Real Energy, Real Jobs

The employment gains from wind power are described in an article that ran this past Thursday on CSRwire, a blog hosted by The Corporate Social Responsibility Network.  In this blog post, I warn that we may lose 37,000 wind industry jobs if the federal production tax credit for wind-generated electricity, set to expire at the end of this year, is allowed to lapse. 

Pointing to the current standoff over extending the tax credit, my article takes presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to task for his dismissive approach to renewable energy.  Adopting a 2012 equivalent to Sarah Palin's "Drill, Baby, Drill" mentality, Romney calls for continued subsidies to our fossil fuel and nuclear industries while slamming subsidies for renewable energy.  (Romney has also taken to parroting the skepticism of the small minority of scientists - largely industry-financed - who contend that humans may not even be contributing to global warming.)  With Romney in the White House, we will find ourselves lagging even farther behind the rest of the industrialized world in charting a course toward a saner, more sustainable energy future.