Dayaway profiles Harvest the Wind

Getting to know Mike Brownell, founder of Dayaway: Tomorrow's Energy Professionals, has been one of the happier outcomes of my May 14 book talk at the Environmental Law and Policy Center in Chicago.  Dayaway, an on-line career guidance resource, describes its mission as "helping exceptional university students prepare for and find alternative energy jobs." 

Job listings are posted on Dayaway, as are postings by job seekers.  A smart search engine allows employers to hone in on students and recent graduates with specific areas and levels of training.  Likewise, job seekers can search for jobs in particular industries and locations.  All of this is offered free of charge by Brownell, who deeply believes in the importance of helping university students find their way to cutting edge careers in wind power and other innovative energy fields. 

I'm delighted to have Mike's review of Harvest the Wind featured on Dayaway's homepage, along with the profiles of star students and companies that are advancing renewable energy technology, smart grid management, and energy efficiency.