Welcome to my Harvest the Wind Blog!

As my daughters (age 20 and 17) would tell you, I am a social media Luddite. I've shunned Facebook, I only started Tweeting a few days ago, and I still don't have a smart phone. But the dynamic nature of my book topic, wind power, has convinced me to break with tradition.

Though I injected lots of eleventh-hour edits into Harvest the Wind last fall, there have been important changes to the industry since then.  The world's top-ranking turbine manufacturer, Denmark's Vestas, laid off 2,300 workers - about a tenth of its workforce - in January.  Over-production and the appeal of cheaper Chinese turbines are the apparent causes.  Solar energy is becoming more competitive with wind and other power sources than I had anticipated just a few months ago - again because China has flooded the global market with cheaper goods.  And Congress continues to waffle on extending the production tax credits that have allowed wind power to compete with coal and natural gas.  These credits are set to expire on January 1, 2013, and the uncertainty is already taking its toll on U.S. wind manufacturing jobs and the pace of newly planned wind farms.

I'd like to keep you informed as these issues develop and other ones emerge.  And I'll be very interested in your thoughts on the same.  I will also keep you posted on planned book events, book reviews, and articles that I publish in the months ahead.

Thanks for partnering with me on my first blogging venture,

Phil Warburg