Creating a New Taxi

Dear Editor,

In “Painstakingly Reimagining City’s Cabs, Down to the Floor Mats” (news article, Apr. 2), the factors weighed in designing New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow were described at length. Sadly, there was no mention of fuel efficiency.

Court rulings may have barred the City from setting its own mileage standards for new taxis, but what a shame if that relegates fuel economy to the shadows. Are anti-microbial floor mats and airplane-style reading lights really more consequential?
With gas prices averaging $4-a-gallon, presidential talk of invading our strategic petroleum reserves and the specter of yet another Mideast war in the daily headlines, we need vision worthy of this new century, not of the 1950s.

Philip Warburg
Newton, Mass., April 2, 2012

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