Boston book launch!

Tuesday's Harvest the Wind launch party at the Conservation law Foundation in downtown Boston was a delight!  Among the eighty or so attendees were colleagues from environmental and conservation groups, wind developers including Cape Wind’s pioneer Jim Gordon, Massachusetts government officials, and friends going back to my law school, college, and high school years.  

John Kassel, who succeeded me as CLF president in 2009, opened the event by introducing my longtime friend and book-writing mentor Larry Tye.  Larry proceeded to recite from a few of the hundreds of emails I have sent him since embarking on Harvest the Wind, revealing the highs and lows of a neophyte author trying to shed his lawyerly skin.  (He had forewarned me that I would be “mildly embarrassed.”)

After Larry’s roast, I took the gathered crowd on a brief visit to Cloud County, where Harvest the Wind’s journey begins.  They met rancher Kurt Kocher, business booster Kirk Lowell, and high school teacher-turned-wind-technology-trainer Bruce Graham – all players in wind power’s ascent on this remote stretch of Kansas prairie. Then came the book signings and, equally happily, lots of new enlistments to the CLF cause. 

In a rapid-fire electronic age, books remain remarkably slow to gestate.  It’s wonderful to have this one out in the open air at last!